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93 diagon alley [entries|friends|calendar]
a tribute to the weasley twins

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Announcement [07 Sep 2004|09:07pm]

Unfortunately, real life calls - I have to be away for approximately a month and a half. I swear on my life that these letters sitting on my hard drive will be posted and in full action in December. I must apologize for the long hiatus, there is a family emergency of great urgency I must attend to. In the meantime, please stay friended and await my comeback! Do show your support for websites shown in the links of the community's user-info, as well.

Have a great month!
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A short announcement [19 Aug 2004|09:39pm]

I would just like to nip in quickly, bow and say a loud thank-you for all the encouraging comments; I'm in the midst of drafting the next five installments and I would like to ensure everything is perfect before I post them.

And since the lovely apledge__ was kind enoough to request a button to pass on the word about my little project, here you go!

Do let more Weasley-obsessed Potterheads know about 93 Diagon Alley. It would be much appreciated. This is not only about the twins, keep it mind - this may very well be a tribute to the whole Weasley family, with all these ideas running around in my head!
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Prologue [15 Aug 2004|10:26pm]

PrologueCollapse )
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